Bath Spa University and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv to Become Partners in Education

On 14 June 2017 a group of Bath Spa University professors and scholars: Dr. Matthew Freeman, Dr. Laura Little and Katharine Reeve met with the Institute of Journalism faculty and students.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss a potential education partnership between Bath Spa University and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Kateryna Heseleva, a second year student majoring in advertising and public relations, had the opportunity to meet the guests and discuss their plans regarding cooperation with the Institute of Journalism and hear their impressions of Ukraine.

–         Is this your first time in Ukraine? How long have you been here?

 We arrived on Monday. Tomorrow we are going back to London.

–         How do you like our country?

We really like it. It’s really interesting. We love the architecture. Your architecture is really nice.

–         Did you have a sightseeing tour in the city centre? 

We went to the Lower Kyiv – Podil. It was very interesting. While getting there by a funicular, we could see amazing views of the river. It’s truly interesting – a trip to the heart of Kyiv.

–         I have looked through your professional profile. I know that you are publishers and that you study culture and literature. I would like to ask culturewise, how do you like Ukrainian culture: our traditions, our music? What was impressive and unpredictable for you?

The most interesting for us was our excursion to the museum where we saw many interesting pieces of culture from every region of Ukraine – really very interesting. What was unusual is that you use red colour a lot as a colour of love and beauty while for us it has a negative meaning as a colour of blood and aggression.

–      Is there anything in Ukraine you did not expect to see?

We didn’t expect to see so many skyscrapers.

–    How do you like Ukrainian people?

Bogdana was an amazing guide and we all want to say that your students are very sweet, very nice, smart and friendly. It was a great pleasure to meet the Institute of Journalism students.

–      And now several questions about your academic plans. As we know, you have come here to establish a partnership with us. So, how did you like our University? What can be interesting here for Europe? Have you seen anything you don’t have at British universities?

You have International Journalism, but we haven’t. In our opinion, it will be useful and interesting for us.

–      What about your students? Are they interested in studying in Ukraine?

We think we need to converse about this with our students. We have many students, particular in media. They are very interested in theory and practice. And a lot of them are working in Media, television and radio.

–      I have read that you study Global Media. How do you think can current processes in Great Britain impact globalization in media, maybe British people are not so interested in it? How do you see it?

We think it’s very interesting, Global Media is so digital, it connects people all around the world. That’s why we think that Global Media is very attractive for people. They can watch films in different countries, use the Internet, learn news about different countries – everything will be easier with Global media.


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